County Board to vote on compensation study soon

The compensation study that the Knox County Board approved last year is nearly ready to be considered.

Finance Committee Chair David Amor presented a report of this month’s meeting, where he informed board members that the final draft of the study was completed, but there was still more work to do.

He said the board was encouraged to look it over and submit questions to the company who conducted the study, Paypoint HR, and hopefully in September be ready to consider it’s approval.

“It has been made available to the members of the finance committee now to read. It is still a work product so it is not yet a public document. We’ve invited everybody in the finance committee to submit questions and concerns which we will then take up with the consultants.”

Board members did approve last night to bid and bring back a two-year engineering service agreement.

Currently, the county utilizes the services of Cody Basham with Klingner and Associates.

Board member Jared Hawkinson said the move was to be good stewards to the county and was not reflective of Basham’s work.

“I think the current service do a fantastic job of responding quickly to what we need and curtailing things as we go. But, to do best for the taxpayers and the tax dollars, since we need to be pinching, this is probably the best way to go.”

Board member Brian Friedrichs told board members that with an engineering agreement, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

“Before my time, the county has had trouble with engineering. So, I just caution on that that we take all things into factor, not just the final price.”

The board also took action last night on a number of items including the approval of a solar garden for the Williamsfield School District.

Superintendent Tim Farquer tells WGIL that the district expects to conservatively save around $100,000 over a ten-year term.

Other action taken by the board included bids of $43,017 to repair the nursing home roof, extending the life by between five and ten years, and a bid to replace a bridge in Elba Township near Yates City for a bid of $396,470.00.

Additionally, the board was informed that county administrators were looking at adopting a recreational cannabis policy that would mirror the City of Galesburg.

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