Student reportedly suspended for making threat

A 13-year-old male student has been suspended after making an alleged threat to a school, according to a Galesburg police report.

The report says that officers were called out to Lombard Middle School Friday at around 3:05 pm on a report that a child threatened to “shoot the school up.”

Once on scene, officers spoke with school officials who stated they were made aware of the threat at around 2:40, during 10th period. The student in question was pulled out of class and their possessions searched for a weapon, yielding a negative result.

The juvenile allegedly told a female student they had a “[.44] magnum handgun at home to do it with,” according to the police report. The girl then alerted administrators who took action.

The male juvenile indicated to the police that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

The boy’s father was on the scene and told police there was no handgun in the house. Reports indicate the father did not have a firearm owner’s identification card.

When asked about the .44 magnum, the juvenile stated that their cousin owned one. When asked how the female student was made aware of the family member’s handgun, the report indicates the 13-year-old did not have an explanation.

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