GPD investigating series of burglaries at Swing’s Estates

Several items, including a television, soundbar, and money were taken in a series of burglaries at Swing’s Mobile Estates this week.

Galesburg Police officers were called out to the multiple residences several times on Monday where garages had been broken into and items were taken or rummaged through. Officers responded to residences along Monmouth Boulevard, Daniel and Carol Drive as well as Lindsay Lane.

Reports say that in one instance, a resident advised she was about to get into the shower when she heard a noise coming from the deck of her home.

The noise persisted and she responded to the door where she observed a man attempting to enter the residence. The man was described as a white male in a red plaid shirt and carrying a backpack.

She confronted the individual who told her he was looking for yards to mow as he quickly departed.

No arrests have been made and the investigation continues.

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