Republican Congressional candidate: ‘government not serving us’ with impeachment inquiry

Esther Joy King, Republican candidate for the 17th District seat in the U.S. Congress doesn’t see the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump as necessary.

She told WGIL in an interview Wednesday, the same day public impeachment hearings opened, that the “government is not serving us through this process.”

King says there are more important things to be focused on that more directly affect the residents of the 17th District.

“How is it helping our family? How is it growing our community? How are we bringing more jobs in? How are we serving each and every person in the 17th [District] and Galesburg?”

She says there is pre-meditation by who King refers to as “far-left politicians” who she claims introduced Articles of Impeachment on Trump’s Inauguration Day.

An example of something that King does see as potentially helping this area would be the passage of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, an effort at modernizing NAFTA.
Esther Joy King is one of two Republicans running to challenge Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos.

Eugene Farrell is King’s lone Republican competitor.

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