A-Town school district receive glowing financial audit

The Abingdon-Avon Board of Education learned at their meeting this week that the district was designated “Recognition” status in the 2019 audit.

District 276 Superintendent Dr. Mike Curry said that at Wednesday’s night meeting the board was informed that the district had received that distinction, adding that for several years the district had received the “Recognition” distinction.

He said the only change from the year before was with revenues from property taxes, which was due to the delay with the tax bill getting sent out late.

“Revenues were lower because of the change in the tax cycle this year where early tax money didn’t arrive. But other than that, the financial audit was ‘recognition’ status, so we’re happy with that.”

Along with finances, Dr. Curry said that the school board will finalize a tax levy for next year at their December meeting.

He said the board discussed three different levy scenarios based entirely on whatever the equalized assessed value of the district changes to.

“We still have a month out trying to nail down our EAV change. There’s no specific tax rate. We looked at a tax increase from anywhere from 1.35 percent to 4.99 percent.”

Curry said to WGIL that he expects a three percent or higher EAV change, due to the growth in farmland values.

As far as building and grounds projects, when one project wraps up another takes its place in the A-Town district.

Curry said that the roof work that had been delayed at Hedding Grade School was wrapped up and what was left to do was a walk with the manufacturer.

He also said that the district was closer to getting Latimer Street transitioned into a one-way for parents to more easily pick up and drop off their children — the district is just waiting on the signage.

“So once the signs are here, we’ll put out two or three weeks notice then we’ll make the change. Still looking to hopefully be after Thanksgiving but if the signs aren’t here in the next couple of days it’ll be more like, maybe, around Christmas.”

As far as discussions about other projects, Curry says that the board was presented with the idea of a video board for the high school gymnasium that would be fully funded by local sponsorships.

Curry added that when presented, the administration had secured 85 percent funding for it and fully anticipated it being completely funded. However, he indicated that not all the board members were for it.

“But unfortunately, a segment of our board of education didn’t feel like this was a worthy venture.”

Other discussions included a five-year contract with Galesburg Toyota for the “crows nest” renovation at the football field.

Additionally, at Wednesday night’s meeting, Middle School teacher Tracy Kitch and Paraprofessional Aide Charity Pieper were recognized as “Staff Members of the Month” for October.

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