Galesburg Council reduces speed limit on stretch of Seminary Street

Galesburg City Council on Monday night approved a proposal by the Traffic Advisory Committee to reduce the speed limit on a well-traveled section of North Seminary Street.

The stretch runs from West Carl Sandburg Drive down to just north of Circle Drive.

The speed limit has been 40 mph but will be reduced to 35 mph.
Alderman Peter Schwartzman asked the administration what would be done to ensure that motorists realize the change in speed limit.

“I think they’ll mark the new signs with some flags or something to that effect,” City Manager Todd Thompson. “Any enforcement we do initially, that’ll be taken into account as well. ”

The cost to make the change is only about $150.

Thompson says the review by the Traffic Advisory Committee did not find that any accidents in the area that could be attributed to the speed limit.

“I think it will increase the comfort level of drivers in the area, especially the drivers trying to pull out in circle drive.”

The administration stopped short of saying the limit reduction would lead to safer conditions.

Galesburg Council also discussed whether the threshold for when purchases must go through the competitive process should be raised.

Currently, any purchase over $10,000 goes through the process.
The change would match state law but according to Thompson, it would also save “money” and city staff’s time.

Director of Finance Gloria Osborn clarified that items that are more than $5,000 are typically brought to the council for approval even though they don’t go through competitive bids.

In a separate item, Council did approve a roof replacement for 120 E. Main St.

The main focus of the city has been on stabilizing a wall on the building that was leaning, presenting a danger to the public.

“The leaks have contributed to the problems with the wall so it’s necessary to fix the roof.”

The $58,000 contract which was in line with what the city had anticipated, was awarded to Sterling Commercial Roofing.

Thompson describes the roof as being in “poor condition.”

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