Dist. 202 approves 2019 tax levy

The Knoxville School District approved the tentative 2019 tax levy at their meeting Monday night.

School board members approved a levy of $5,073,876, which is an increase of 4.99 percent from the levy the year before.

District 202 Superintendent Steve Wilder tells WGIL that the school district is in a good financial situation.

“We are in a good position in terms of the fact that our EAV (Equalized Assessed Value) has gone up a little bit — just over three percent. That’s driven primarily by farm ground and the agriculture industry in our area.”

Wilder says that the current EAV projections of the district come in at over $113,679,452, a 3.12 percent increase from last year.

Using last year’s EAV numbers ($108,951,163), Wilder says that the tax rate would be $4.46 per $100 of assessed value. While it is a six-cent increase over last year, it is lower than the district’s ten-year average of $4.54.

This tax rate does not factor in an increase in the EAV, which would, in turn, lower the tax rate for the district.

Wilder says that with the $4.46 tax rate, a person with a $100,000 home would bay $1,472 (down from $1,479 a year ago). A homeowner with a $200,000 house would pay $2,944 (down from $$2,957 a year ago)

An e-learning plan was also adopted by the District 202 school board.

Superintendent Steve Wilder says that this would be the first year that e-learning days would be opened up for schools across the state so students wouldn’t lose instructional time.

“In this age of technology, in specific, there’s this opportunity to not lose learning or instructional time when students can’t be at school for — what typically would be the weather-related reasons but could be other reasons as well.”

He says the developed plan would allow students to do some independent learning and utilize resources that would be available to them on days when school wasn’t in session or when the student was unable to attend.

Wilder says the next step is for him to submit the plan to Jodi Scott, the Regional Superintendent of Education, for review and verify that the district as met all of the state’s requirements.

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