Galesburg Council can approve new sound system for Lakeside

When Galesburg Aldermen meet Monday night they can approve a bid for a new sound system at Lakeside Splash Zone, the city-owned water park.

Music Makers of Galesburg is the recommended contractor for just less than $11,000.

The only other bid submitted was over quadruple that price.

Council documents explain that with the enhancement of Lakeside in the near future this upgrade provides one additional improvement to the facility “increasing marketability as well as “enhancing safety.”

The water park’s current system is a combination of build-outs that date back to the 1980s.

The administration says the “safety factor” is a part of the reason for the replacement.

There is concern about the current system being able to provide emergency and non-emergency announcements as needed.

Lakeside is expected to install a new water play feature for kids in their center pool, which Council approved the purchase and installation for around $250,000.

Also, aldermen could approve the 2019 salary and classification schedule, largely reflecting a 2.5 percent increase for all city employees.

Two notable position additions this year are really new designations for existing employees.

Deputy Police Chief and Deputy Fire Chief positions are being added.

The elimination of a police captain is because of Rodd Riggs appointment to the deputy role.

Also, Wayne Carl’s role as Director of Planning and Public Works will change to Director of Public Works with a newly created role of Community Development Director.

This director will oversee planning and have a salary range of about $89,000 to $114,000.

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