Johnson says he didn’t ‘intentionally mislead’

CHICAGO (AP) – Ousted Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says he did not “intentionally mislead or deceive” anyone about a mid-October night where he was found asleep in his car.

Johnson released a statement through his attorney on Tuesday, saying he acknowledges that he made a “poor decision” and had a “lapse of judgment.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired Johnson on Monday for “ethical lapses,” just weeks before he was set to retire. She didn’t give specifics, citing an ongoing investigation and fairness to his family.

Johnson publicly blamed an issue with his medication and told Lightfoot he’d had “a couple of drinks with dinner.” Two Chicago newspapers citing sources they’re not identifying are reporting that the city’s fired police chief was having drinks with a woman for hours the night officers found him hunched over the wheel of his SUV.

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