Aperion Care Galesburg hit with 3rd Quarter violation

The Illinois Nursing Home Third Quarter Violation Report was released earlier last month.

In the report, 71 Illinois nursing homes are named in the report.
Illinois nursing homes must follow the many care regulations set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

These facilities should be equipped with a high degree of support of workers expected to follow professional standards.

Of the 71 nursing homes listed, only one local facility is named: Aperion Care of Galesburg.

The violation occurred in June when a resident wasn’t properly seated in a mechanical lift and fell.

The fall resulted in a trip to the ER with a laceration to the resident’s head – resulting in two staples.

Aperion Care Galesburg was hit with a $2,200 fine for the incident.

In addition to Galesburg, five other Aperion Care facilities are listed on the third-quarter report: Aperion Care Bloomington, Cairo, Springfield, Forest Park, Wilmington, and Long Grove.
Violations for Aperion Care Cairo resulted in fines of $75,000, and at Aperion Care Forest Park was fined $50,000.

The IDPH is responsible for ensuring nursing homes comply fully with mandatory state regulations.

The report dates July 2019 through September 2019.

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