Letter of Intent approved between solar energy provider and A-Town

The Abingdon-Avon School District intends to enter into a power purchase agreement to buy solar energy.

An agreement like that allows a vendor to set up a solar field on school property and sell the energy generated to the school at a lower rate than that provided by Ameren or another energy supplier.

District 276 Superintendent Dr. Mike Curry tells WGIL that two solar energy providers had spoken with the board of education previously and says the board approved a letter of intent with Keystone Power Holdings at their meeting Wednesday night.

“It’ll be a 700-kilowatt solar array. Which could — of course savings are estimates — could generate $650,000 in savings over 25 years.”

He says the solar array will be set up on the high school property and directly feed the building with any overflow going into Ameren’s power line.

“We’re pretty excited about the whole process. It’ll be on the very southern edge of our high school property.”

Dr. Curry adds that not only is it an opportunity to go green but also could be used as a teaching tool in a STEM class.

Board members were also given updates on some ongoing projects within the school district.

Curry says that one project that was wrapped up was an awning that the board.

The high school roof was replaced this year and Dr. Curry says that he, the architect, and the board missed that the awning needed work.

“We focused on the gutters on the roof but if you’ve been to our gym, off of the east side of the gym there are two exit doors and they have two awnings over them and somehow all of us missed that those needed the gutters and downspouts replaced.”

He added that the roofing work had a contingency fund so the whole project didn’t cost any more than what was budgeted for.

Curry also says the district is still pursuing a maintenance grant from the Illinois State Board of Education.

“That’s still up in the air but we have to have it approved, finished, and sent to ISBE by February 14th so we’re moving on it.”

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