A-Town school board approves designs for building projects

There could be some architectural changes to buildings in the Abingdon-Avon school district.

At a special meeting held Wednesday night, the District 276 Board of Education approved some design work at two of the district’s schools.

According to Superintendent Dr. Mike Curry, one of the projects will see Hedding Grade School get a new addition while the other would beef up security at the high school.

“We’re looking to build-out off of the entry, the current entry. with a new entry that includes the office area and more management of in and out traffic,” Curry tells WGIL. “If you’ve been in our school, the high school office is not in good proximity to the front door anyway as it’s currently set up.”

Curry adds that the projects are just in the design phase and may or may not go forward depending on a number of factors.

He says that with the possibility of the state funding capital projects at schools, it’s possible that the project could be shelved until funding was available so that it didn’t cost much from the district.

Regardless of that, Curry says some work needs to be done in A-Town.

“So I think we’re being proactive in case an opportunity arises to get some assistance. But if not, in the end, we need to expand in a couple of locations and we need to be more secure. So, in the end, I think the projects will happen sometime over the next three years.”

He adds that many districts are getting projects “shovel ready” for when/if the state ever puts out guidelines for buildings projects to be funded through grants.

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