USDA investing in Bishop Hill infrastructure

USDA Rural Development is touting a significant public works project in small-town Illinois this week. It involves replacing the aging infrastructure in Bishop Hill says USDA Rural Development State Director Doug Wilson. “The community has worked hard with (USDA) Rural Development to develop a plan for a new water system,” Wilson said. “With many small towns, when I say you have a “heritage water tower” that typically means it’s over a hundred years old. (It’s) long beyond its expected life expectancy so this is a way we can work with the community (and) help them improve the water system.” In addition to health benefits, fire benefits, and capacity benefits, Wilson adds that with Bishop Hill’s historic designations, it’s important to preserve and offer the best protection they can. A little over $2 million will be invested in the project. It will have a new, elevated water tank, main water extensions, and a new well for backup water.