February 16th through the 22nd is National Grain Bin Safety Week

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is promoting Grain Bin Safety Week February 16th through the 22nd. The annual awareness week reminds all farmers and workers to stay safe when working in and around grain bins. Just last Tuesday, a 61-year old farmer in rural Morrisonville, Illinois died after being buried in corn inside a grain bin. The IDA says the 2019 crop conditions are comparable to 2009 when crops were stored in relatively wet conditions. The 2009 crop led to a dangerous environment in grain bins in 2010 – which was the most hazardous year on record for grain bin accidents. There were 59 entrapments and 26 deaths nationwide in 2010. Joe Small, Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Bureau Chief of Warehouses said, “It’s easy to become complacent when workers have been in and out of bins for years and never had any problems.” He added that many people think they are fast enough and strong enough to get out of flowing grain – but all too often problems snowball out of control quickly. Safety and training resources are available through the Grain and Feed Administration of Illinois and through the Grain Handling and Safety Council.