Community Foundation announces proactive support to local nonprofits

On the heels of news that the Galesburg City Council was not providing funds to external service agencies, the Galesburg Community Foundation has announced grants to ensure important services continue during this pandemic.

According to a release from the GCF, the foundation has been supporting local nonprofits to help ensure that services these organizations provide continue.  During this time, the community foundation has been keeping in contact with these local nonprofits to, “learn many are implementing innovative and collaborative approaches to continue serving the people who call Knox and Warren Counties home.

The proactive support that was approved by the foundation’s Board of Directors includes eliminating program restrictions on grants awarded during the foundation’s 2019 Turnout Grant Cycle. This means that grant dollars that were restricted for only the use of programs in last year’s cycle may now be used in any way needed to fulfill each of the 43 nonprofits’ missions and provide services to both Knox and Warren Counties.

“Our nonprofits are hard at work making sure that residents have what they need during this difficult time,” said Joshua Gibb, president & CEO of the Community Foundation in the release on their website. “Their important services span food, utility assistance, senior services, access to the arts, education and so much more—services that enable and enrich our daily lives.”

The foundation also took steps to support nonprofits as part of the 2020 grant cycle by awarding 60 percent of the previous year’s award to those same 43 organizations. These grant dollars, too, are unrestricted, so the nonprofits may use them as they see serve the local area. These grants are made possible thanks to community members who supported the Foundation’s Community Impact Fund.

The Galesburg Community Foundation is urging the local nonprofits to, “continue their nimble, innovative, collaborative, and proactive approaches.”

The foundation is also working to set aside an amount equivalent to the remaining 40 percent of the dollars granted during the 2019 Turnout to be used to aid the post-COVID-19 mission sustainability efforts. More details on those opportunities are said to be available in the coming weeks.

“While the onset of COVID-19 is certainly an unfortunate situation, with it comes the opportunity to further strengthen the local nonprofit sector and equip organizations with the tools they need to further collaborate and address complex issues,” said Director of Grants and Programs Tiffany Springer. “We’re working to build a robust set of experiences that will allow for learning and conversations so that together we can even further impact the people who call our region home.”

While organizations that did not participate in the 2019 Turnout Grant Cycle are not eligible for the proactive 60 percent funding, additional opportunities are said to be made possible through the Community Foundation during 2020.

Recipients of the proactive funding can be found on the Community Foundation’s website.

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