Sandburg returning to face-to-face learning in the fall

Carl Sandburg College is offering several options for student instruction as the fall semester approaches, including in-classroom, face-to-face learning.

The community college says that any in-person learning will adhere to guidelines under the Restore Illinois plan and from the Illinois Community College Board and that contingency plans are in place should the need arise to discontinue in-person learning.

The method of instruction for each course has been determined by faculty and academic leadership and formatted for available space on campus. Contingency plans are in place should the need arise to discontinue in-person learning, switching to virtual meetings.

If in-class, face-to-face isn’t possible, the community college is also offering a virtual option where they meet at a scheduled class time but this option requires a webcam, microphone, speakers, and broadband internet connection.

As was before the pandemic, Sandburg offers online instruction, which does not require face-to-face meeting or virtual meetings.

Another offering by Sandburg is Blended instruction, where students attend part of the class face-to-face or virtually at a scheduled class time.

The school is also offering an option of Multiple Modality, where students can choose between face-to-face, virtual, or online attendance throughout the duration of the course.

Registration for the fall semester ends August 14 with classes starting on the 17.