A-Town returning in the fall with blended learning plan

The Abingdon-Avon school district will be returning to in-person learning in the fall but only a part-time basis.

School board members approved a blended learning plan at Thursday night’s special meeting.

Dr. Mike Curry, Superintendent of District 276, says the blended approach would see groups of students in classrooms for two days and remote learning the other three days of the week.

“Half the district in for a few days a week and out for a few days a week, getting remote learning. Leaning toward a Monday/Tuesday set up for one group and a Thursday/Friday set up for another, with a deep-clean on Wednesday plus remote learning on Wednesday.”

Curry said that the board considered remote learning but felt that students needed social interaction with teachers and students. They also considered a full return but Curry said there wasn’t a way to do it safely.

“And that safely part is why the ‘All-In’ didn’t work. We’d be sending kids to local churches [and] community centers. [To do that], to socially distance the entire district, a lot of electives would have to go away and PE teachers might have to teach third grade. So the math just didn’t work out on that one either.”

The board will have a final plan presented to them at a special meeting on August 3.

Along with the plan was a change in the school start date, originally scheduled for August 17. Classes will begin on August 24 to allow time to hammer down the details of what learning will look like.

Curry also confirmed that masks will be required for in-person learning and parents can opt-in for a full-remote learning plan.

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