Health Department to begin sharing risk metrics data

Risk metrics from the Illinois Public Health Department will now be included in weekly releases from the Knox County Health Department.

The health department says in a statement released Monday they intend to increase awareness of the county’s progress through Phase 4 of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan to aid the public in making informed decisions and promote healthy behaviors.

Risk factors include several indicators that are being monitored by the Illinois Department of Public Health, such as New Cases per 100-thousand Citizens, Number of Deaths, Test Positivity Rate, Intensive Care Unit Bed Availability, and Cluster of Cases.

Currently, Knox County is flying under many targeted indicators. With a 3.8 test positivity rate where the target is eight percent, and ICU bed availability of at least 20 percent, which Knox has 48.2 percent.

The county is exceeding in one metric. The county’s per 100,000 residents is 58 cases with a target of 50 per 100,000.

Citizens are encouraged to continue washing their hands, wear a face covering, and practice social distancing when possible.

Michele Gabrial, Public Health Administrator for the health department says, “the virus is in community spread, so we know that it is potentially out there, it is just a matter of how much of it is present in the community and what choices you want to make for you and your families.”

The measures are updated weekly and based on Sunday to Saturday of the prior week and are compared to a target value or expected trend.

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