205 board could issue $13 million in bonds

The Galesburg District 205 School Board on Monday night will consider issuing about $13 million in General Obligation bonds.

They’re doing this to increase the District’s working cash fund, and also refunding some outstanding bonds.

The budget has been on display for public viewing and on Monday, board members are expected to approve it. They’ll also take up approval of the Galesburg Area Vocational Center’s Budget.

The School Board will also discuss the status of going to e-learning to start the school year at their meeting tonight. October 12 is the date that could be the last of e-learning for Galesburg District 205, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

They decided at the beginning of the year that e-learning would be the model for the first 5 weeks of the school year, and then they would re-evaluate.

Board members are also expected to approve a power purchase agreement for solar panels at Silas Willard School. They would go up along N. Seminary, near the road, and on the other side of the lawn, closer to the school.

The Board will also consider renewing their agreements with the City of Galesburg and the Knox County YMCA on using facilities.

The guidelines lay out the can and can not’s, as well as waiving all rental fees between the two.

It is also expected that an update on contract negotiations between the Board and the Galesburg Education Association will be given as they continue to negotiate a new contract.