East Galesburg man arrested for DUI; BAC nearly three times the legal limit

Just before 11:00 pm on Saturday, September 19th while waiting for a red light in the left westbound lane at the intersection of East Main and Kellogg street, a Chevrolet SUV nearly rear-ends a Galesburg Police officer. As the officer pulled away, the SUV swerves over the center line by two feet according to police reports. The officer allowed the SUV to pass while circling the public square and initiated a traffic stop near North West Street. GPD made contact with the driver – 46-year old Scott Hitz of East Galesburg and could tell immediately that he was heavily intoxicated. Hitz struggled to speak, struggled to differentiate between his insurance card and several receipts, and was pressing down on the vehicle’s accelerator without even realizing it. Several unopened beers were also found directly behind the center console of the SUV. After failing a field sobriety test, Hitz was placed under arrest for DUI. Back at the Public Safety Building, it was discovered that Hitz had a blood alcohol concentration nearly three times the legal limit (.236). Hitz was charged with DUI, DUI for BAC over .08, and a citation for improper lane usage. Hitz told police he was drinking at a friend’s house earlier that night. When officers asked him when he STOPPED drinking Hitz said, “when you pulled me over.”