Several area State’s Attorney’s endorse Doyle for 9th Circuit vacancy

Several area State’s Attorney’s are throwing their support behind one of their own that is campaigning to sit behind the bench in the 9th Judicial Circuit.

Current Warren County State’s Attorney Andrew Doyle has been campaigning to fill the seat left behind by the retirement of Judge Paul Mangieri.

With the ballots being cast ahead of the election day, November 3, a number of the top prosecutors in many area counties have come forward and announced their support of Doyle’s run for the bench.

Doyle is getting support from Colby Hathaway, the Henderson County State’s Attorney — who also serves as Chairman of Doyle’s Campaign.

In a statement from Hathaway, he says, “our circuit has a long history of electing state’s attorneys as judges. There is a reason for that—serving as the top law enforcement official for a county is the type of experience that the public trusts and can’t be replicated in private practice. In these uncertain times, we need judges with a proven history of working alongside our sworn law enforcement officers.”

The statement says that Knox County’s John Pepmeyer, McDonough County’s Matthew Kwacala, and Hancock County’s Rachel Mast have all endorsed Doyle.

Warren County’s top prosecutor is facing off against Judge Emily Sutton, who was appointed to the vacancy left from Mangieri’s retirement.

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