Expanding Lake Storey to more than three times its size is feasible.

The Galesburg City Council held a work session on September 28th and part of the discussion was on expanding Lake Storey. Director of Planning and Public Works for the City, Wayne Carl said there’s a creek that runs downstream to the west, towards the Warren County Line. Carl said the expansion would include constructing a dam creating a larger pool for the lake. “The new lake would be the same elevation – water surface-wise,” Carl said. “So it would not impact any of the properties around the existing lake. (It) would expand approximately 500 acres of lake to the west and northwest.” Carl said the concept is to allow more boating on the lake – similar to what Oak Run offers. Lake Storey is currently 130 acres approximately, and with the expansion, the lake would be 600-700 acres. Carl said a group has looked at the feasibility of expansion, determining that it IS feasible. More public input and meetings are expected, and the city council will be looking into it more in the next year.

One of the biggest road construction projects currently underway in the city of Galesburg is the $3.5 million reconstruction of South Seminary Street. Carl said the project is expected to be completed in July of next year. “(The project) includes removing all of South Seminary Street from Berrien Street – which is up by Peoples and Lambasio (Inc.) all the way down to 5th street which is a couple of blocks south of the overpass bridge.” The project involves a new concrete pavement, new sidewalks on both sides of the street, a new storm sewer, a new water main, and new driveway approaches. Phase 1 of the project is currently underway where new sidewalks are being poured between 4th and 5th Streets. Carl said the contractor has also installed a new water main along the west side of the roadway. Once sidewalks are poured, the contractor will begin reconstructing the street. Workers will do a winter shutdown and reopen the street, then in the spring close down sections to continue street reconstruction.