West-Central Illinois full of counties that ‘pivoted’ from Obama to Trump

There are 206 pivot counties in the United States, which are counties that voted for Barack Obama twice and then went for Donald Trump in 2016.

There’s a close watch on these places in the closing days of this year’s presidential election, as election watchers wonder if these counties will swing back into Democratic territory or if their love for Donald Trump remains intact.

Not only is Knox County a pivot county, but 9 other pivot counties are within 100 miles; including Henry, Fulton, Warren, Mercer, and Henderson.

For example, Knox County voters preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by almost 3 points, after choosing Barack Obama by 17 points in 2012 and nearly 20 points in 2020.

Of these neighboring pivot counties, nobody swung harder from Obama to Trump than Henderson County, with a 40 point difference just between 2012 and ‘16.

Generally, pivot counties tend to be majority white, have more persons in poverty than average, and fewer persons with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Even though West Central Illinois may not have much leverage as far as the result in the Presidential election, they could give indicators or where key districts and states will go, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.