Two more deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Warren County

Two more individuals have died in Warren County with their deaths being attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The two cases, both between the ages of 60-80, were announced in a press release Saturday by Warren County Health Department administrators, bringing the total death toll in that county to 17 since the start of the pandemic.

Along with the announcement, the health department revealed that 21 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19, increasing the total number of cases to 921.

Of those cases, 765 are considered to be recovered, with their symptoms resolved.

Warren County continues to be kept at “Warning” level for COVID activity.

The test positivity rate for the week of November 8-14 was 23.4 percent, where the target is to be less than 8.

12 individuals have been hospitalized with COVID symptoms and ICU bed availability is at 31.8 percent.

The health department continues to the community to do what you can to slow the spread of the virus.

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