WGIL’s Galesburg Live for Saturday, January 2

Chris Postin hosted the first edition of Galesburg Live on WGIL — the edition for Saturday, January 2 — and guests discussed issues related to COVID-19.

In the first hour, Chris’ guest was Amanda Powell, Licensed Social Worker and Director of Client Services for Western Illinois Home Health Care, regarding how social distancing and self-quarantining may be good for senior citizens in terns of limiting illness, but otherwise may not be a good thing.

In the second hour, Chris talked about how stimulus payments, the Payroll Protection Program, and more may impact your annual tax filing, with Shane Aldrich and Alex Courtney of Courtney & Aldrich Certified Public Accountants of Galesburg.

Galesburg Live airs Saturdays 7-9am on WGIL, WGIL.com, and WGIL on the TuneIn Radio app.