Monday Meals on Main starts January 11th

Earlier throughout the pandemic and also during the holiday season, Galesburg Area Blessing Box Helpers organized food and coat and blanket drives for those in need in the community. As it turns out, the need is still very much there. Not only the need for food and coats, but also the need for those wanting to give. Starting Monday, January 11th, each Monday throughout January and February, Monday Meals on Main will hand out free meals to those in need from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 150 meals will be available with no questions asked. Also having a centralized location on Main Street each week – those in need will also have the opportunity for toiletry items as well as blankets and coats. “The most important thing is, this is a no-questions-asked-event,” said Champ Coleman – one of the organizers. “Anybody can come. We’re going to have an email address, that way we can push that out: we got something going on. If we can push that out to you, we just want to help connect you with different things going on. That email address is” Meals on Main will be held at 120 East Main Street – the former Papa John’s building by Park Plaza. The City of Galesburg granted the Blessing Box Helpers use of the building throughout the cold weather months.