205 opts to return kids to classrooms on February 1st

School board members at District 205 spent hours last night discussing and debating about the district’s return to learn plan.

Plans had previously been made to bring students back on January 19 but administrators presented a plan to instead bring them back on January 25 with a hybrid approach, where one group is in class Monday and Tuesdays while the other group is in class Thursday and Fridays and remote learning takes place the other days. School during these in-person days would be half days with students leaving with meals to take home so that teachers could turn their attention to helping students learning remotely.

Besides a large percentage of parents in a survey saying that they would not send their kids back to in-person learning if schools reopened, another concern is staffing shortages with teachers going on leave if schools were to reopen.

Board members were torn on if the 25th was too soon to bring students back to which Superintendent Dr. John Asplund presented a compromise that the board agreed to.

“But if we said February 1st we’re coming back. We’re going to have a special board meeting on the 25th. Bring teachers in that want to talk to the board, want to address them,” Asplund told the board. “We’ll definitely work with the GEA to deal with the staff members who are asking to leave or looking for other options. We’ll have a lot more knowns and we can sit there and talk about it for sure.”

The board agreed to the compromise.

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