Citizens elect new mayor, aldermen in Galesburg

The City of Galesburg will see a new leadership after last night’s election.

Fifth Ward Alderman and Knox Professor Peter Schwartzman defeated incumbent John Pritchard to become the new mayor of Galesburg.

Schwartzman brought in nearly 47 percent of the vote while Pritchard received about 41 percent. The third runner in the race, Kristine Crow, took in only 12 percent of the vote.

He tells WGIL about the grassroots effort to meet voters and learn about the challenges they are facing and what they’re looking for in a mayor.

“What I heard from people… not everybody was my friend and many people didn’t know me. But, what I heard from them was that they wanted something a little different. They wanted a new vision for the city. They wanted to think about opportunities and not about challenges.”

It was a tough night to be an incumbent on the Galesburg City Council. Citizens in Ward Four and Six elected new aldermen to the city council.

Incumbent Corine Andersen was defeated by Dwight White by a close margin, 51.4 percent of the vote to 48.6 percent.

White tells WGIL that despite them being opponents, Andersen and he are neighbors in their ward and he’ll be going to her with questions and insight to help him out.

“She [doesn’t] realize it but I’m pretty sure she does, I’m going to be calling on her. If I have questions, I’m going to dip into her expertise and see if she can help me because that’s what it’s all about. It’s about each one of us helping each other.”

The other council race saw long-time alderman Wayne Allen lose to newcomer Sarah Davis. Davis won with nearly 67 percent of the vote.

She tells WGIL that one of the things she heard from citizens was that aldermen were difficult to reach and she hopes to be more transparent.

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