Galesburg Council approves demo of rundown properties; IDOT traffic signals

Galesburg Aldermen once again gave authorization to move forward a list of properties to be demolished at their Monday meeting on April 5th. City Manager Todd Thompson says property owners have been made aware of the problems with their buildings. There was no response from any of the owners included in last night’s list. If it does come to demolition for these properties- the cost would be paid for out of the Property Redevelopment fund. There are estimates for specific properties but if they were leveled the cost would be around $50,000. Properties in question include residents on Liberty, South, South Broad, and accessory buildings on North Pleasant, and South Henderson. Steps before demo now include a title search for any other parties with ownership, and then the city will pursue legal steps for demolition. Then staff will draft demo specs and the work will be bid out.

The Council approved the city’s portion of the cost of modernizing traffic signal in 8 intersections along U.S. 150 in Galesburg. The city’s $3,000 portion is being paid out of the city’s motor fuel tax fund, and Aldermen unanimously approved. Aldermen also approved the purchase of a dump truck for the City’s street division. City Manager Todd Thompson says the lowest and best bid was submitted by Yemm Ford in the amount of about $45,000. This truck would replace a 2002 unit which will now be utilized for paint striping. Thompson also reminded residents that next week is Spring Clean-up Days when larger than normal trash items can be left out for pickup.