A-Town school board approves elementary attendance center

The Abingdon-Avon School District is making a switch to its elementary school makeup.

The District 276 School Board narrowly approved transitioning to an attendance center style set up for the district’s elementary school for grades 2-5.

Currently, the district operates two elementary schools for students up through 5th grade. The change will move kids from Avon Elementary School to Hedding Grade School starting in the Fall.

The board vote was 4-3 in favor and Superintendent Dr. Mike Curry says that the biggest concern among the board was the speed of the transition.

“That was a big concern. If we waited a year, we would look just like it does now — the same modular setup,” Curry told WGIL on Thursday. “Can’t build anything that fast so, I think the four ‘affirmatives’ were ready to just make that happen.”

Hedding is currently going through a Pre-K expansion and modular classrooms are on-site for the expansion.

Curry says that the 2nd-grade classrooms will inhabit the modular.

On the subject of Hedding Grade School’s expansion, which broke ground last week, other projects in the district are moving and some have been delayed.

Ground was broken on the parking lot revamp of Avon Elementary School on Monday.

While those projects are moving forward, there are some that are being delayed, according to Dr. Curry.

“So our flooring project has been pushed back a month because of an inability to procure glue for the new floor. Our roofing project in Abingdon has been pushed back a month because of — from as I understand it there’s a run on roof installation due to the number of buildings that Amazon is putting up all over the country.”

Curry said he had a goal of getting construction projects done over a summer in the district long before the pandemic and believes this is the summer for doing it.

He adds that while the district is progressing in the right direction with that, the board will start putting together a two-year plan on more building improvement plans in July.

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