Winners of Cardinals vs Cubs tickets at Busch Stadium

Congratulations to our Double Play Giveaway winners drawn daily during Galesburg’s Morning News on WGIL. Each won a pair of Cardinals vs Cubs tickets for their July series at Busch Stadium:

     Tuesday 7/13 for the game on Monday, July 19:  

AMANDA MINES of Knoxville


     Wednesday 7/14 for the game on Tuesday, July 20:  

IRENE PONCE of Galesburg


     Thursday 7/15 for the game on Wednesday, July 21:  



     Friday 7/16 for the game on Thursday, July 22:

RALPH SCOTT of East Galesburg


Thank you to everyone who played this week for a chance to win!

The Double Play Giveaway was made possible with the support of Kohl’s Diamond Gallery in downtown Galesburg, University of Illinois Extension, McDonough District Hospital, and Big Catz BBQ in Knoxville.