Galesburg man facing slew of drunk driving charges after Monday night stop

Just after midnight on Monday, July 19th, Galesburg Police observed a vehicle driven by 63-year old Mark W. Williams of Galesburg run a stop sign at North Cherry and Ferris Streets and then turn into a parking lot without signaling in the 200 block of East Ferris. Police made contact with Williams who had bloodshot eyes and was emitting an alcoholic odor. When officers asked Williams why he pulled into a parking lot full of closed businesses, Williams said he didn’t understand the question. He told police he only had one beer at Cherry Street Bar. Officers had Williams perform a field sobriety test which showed signs of impairment and he was placed under arrest. On his person, Williams had two “shooter” bottles of alcohol in his front shirt pocket, a coaster from Monkey Business Bar, and a chip for a free drink at The Corral. Williams provided a breath sample back at the public safety building which read his BAC as .208. He was eventually transported to the Knox County Jail and charged with Driving Under the Influence A2, Driving Under the Influence A1, Improper Transportation of Liquor, and Driving Under the Influence No Insurance in addition to numerous traffic citations.