Drive thru flu clinic being held in Galesburg Saturday

The Knox County Health Department again is going to hold their annual flu vaccine drive-thru clinic on Saturday.

Assistant Public Health Director Will Hayes says because of all the other health concerns, namely COVID-19, it’s more important than usual to get a flu shot in 2021.

The clinic runs from 7:00 am to 10:00 am in the parking lot of Hinchliffe-Pearson-West Funeral Directors in Galesburg.

HPW staff will direct your car, a nurse will get some information from you and you can get vaccinated for the flu without having to leave your car.

The cost is $35 for the regular dose and $70 for the high dose.

A high dose is recommended for those over 65 years old, simply because the immune system gets weaker when you age.

Communicable Disease Coordinator for Knox County Tammy Nelson says with COVID-19, this can be another way to bolster your immune system.

“Anything that affects your immune system like that and you’re going to be ‘double-whammied’ that certainly isn’t something that we want people to have to deal with.”

Insurance isn’t accepted other than Medicaid and Medicare and their supplemental plan.

Hayes says there’s no concern for negative interaction between the flu and COVID vaccines.

Children under 18 can get a flu vaccine but Hayes recommends having a friendlier environment and advises bringing kids into the Health Department.

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