GPD investigating two men stealing gas from Thornton’s in a stolen vehicle.

Galesburg Police on Sunday night (January 9th) responded to Thornton’s on North Henderson Street for a report of theft of fuel. An employee told police a blue Subaru had pulled into the lot and a male subject began pumping gas. The employee was suspicious because the male never shut the vehicle off. The employee responded to the lot and took down the vehicle’s license number. During this, another male took a car seat out of the back and placed it on the ground outside. The two men then took off in an unknown direction – stealing over $34 worth of gas. Officers discovered the vehicle is registered to Enterprise and it was also reported stolen in November. The victim of the car theft back in November told police the SUV was stolen from her driveway in the middle of the night. The car seat was collected for potential fingerprints. The investigation is ongoing.