Kentucky man facing cannabis charges in Galesburg

Galesburg Police on Thursday, March 11th, around 5:20 in the morning conducted a traffic stop on West Ferris on a vehicle without properly working headlights. Officers ran the 2012 Chevy Malibu’s registration – which has been known to be associated with individuals the department received Crimestopper tips on. The driver was identified as 20-year old Justin Fletcher of Lexington, Kentucky. The vehicle was emitting a strong cannabis odor and an unlit cannabis “blunt” was in plain view in the center console. Fletcher was detained. Officers also located two .45 caliber rounds under the passenger seat. Police asked Fletcher about the whereabouts of the individual associated with the vehicle – due to the Crimestopper tip, and about the ammunition. Fletcher didn’t answer right away and eventually said he did not know, saying he borrowed the car from a friend, according to police reports. The ammunition was confiscated. Fletcher was charged with Illegal Possession of Cannabis in a Motor Vehicle.