Galesburg man arrested after refusing to pay for Subway drink

Galesburg Police on Thursday, May 5th, responded to Subway on East Main Street for a customer refusing to pay for items. Officers entered the store and the only customer present was 67-year-old Stanley Mabry of Galesburg. Officers have had previous encounters with Mabry. According to police reports, Mabry was seated at a table with an electric toothbrush and an electronic sex toy both sitting on the table charging. There were also numerous personal items sitting on the floor. According to employees, Mabry first attempted to enter the store with a Dollar General shopping cart but was denied by employees. Employees also said that Mabry frequents the store, and they typically have to hide the potato chip display because Mabry has been known to steal chips. Mabry had purchased a sandwich from Subway but refused to pay for a drink. When police told Mabry to pay for the drink, he handed an employee some money that was still five cents short and made an expletive remark to the worker. Ultimately, Mabry was charged with two counts of Retail Theft for the Subway drink and the shopping cart and one count of Disorderly Conduct.