Galesburg Police Department’s Amber Schlomer named Crime Stopper’s Officer of the Year

The Galesburg Area Crime Stoppers Board on Tuesday presented Galesburg Police Officer Amber Schlomer with the Officer of the Year award.

The four-year veteran of the police department was selected by the board due to her recent successes including involvement as the first responding officer in a homicide case as well as gathering social media data that lead to an arrest in an attempted murder case.

She says she has seen more violence towards her and her coworkers in the last year but that their passion for the work keeps them going.

“We do this because it is our passion. We do this because we want to help. We do this because we love. We love our citizens, our community, and our brothers and sisters to our left and our right. In a time when our police are hated and murdered just for putting on a uniform, there are no other reasons we would remain here.”

Galesburg Police Chief Russ Idle praised her consistency at the award ceremony.

“I think it’s worth noting that sometimes we do these and there’s this one big thing that jumps out that causes somebody to get nominated for Officer of the Year. And that’s worthwhile. But this was a steadfast pattern of excellence.”

Schlomer’s leadership and teamwork in working with citizens and business owners in solving area crimes were also highlighted by the Crime Stoppers Board.

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