Suspect in theft at Grand Liquor arrested after returning to the store

Galesburg Police on Monday responded to Grand Liquor in the 1200 block of Grand Avenue for a disturbance. Police arrived and observed a male subject standing in the doorway of the store visibly upset and yelling. The store’s owner told police the man was the suspect in a previously reported case of a male subject stealing a bottle of alcohol valued at nearly $50. Officers viewed security footage of 35-year-old Jerry Moore of Galesburg approaching the counter with the bottle of alcohol, stand in front of the card reader for a moment, and then just departing the store without paying for it. Moore refused to provide officers with identification stating that disorderly conduct was “not a law, only a statute” and “he knows his laws” and to take him to jail. Officers then took Moore to jail. Moore continually yelled threats at officers and banged his head repeatedly banged his head on a holding cell door while at the jail. Moore was charged with Retail Theft, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstructing ID.