Galesburg Council approves new bonus incentives to recruit police hires

Galesburg Aldermen approved incentives for recruiting officers to the Galesburg Police Department.

Staffing shortages that have plagued departments around the U.S. have left GPD 7 officers short of what the council has budgeted.

The incentives would give new officers a $2,000 sign-on bonus, and an extra $2,000 per year for up to 4 years.
That means a new officer could earn up to $10,000 in bonuses potentially.

The program sunsets in two years, at which point the council can evaluate if they want to continue.

Aldermen also approved purchasing a new lawnmower for the greens at Bunker Links, the city-owned golf course for $67,000.

Interim City Manager Wayne Carl says it will take almost a year before the machine can be delivered. That’s why the council is approving the purchase a year ahead of the expected end of life of their current mower.

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