Suspect wanted for questioning after stolen truck is brought to Farm King

Galesburg Police officers on Friday, September 23rd, were dispatched to Farm King in Galesburg for a suspicious truck in the parking lot. Officers discovered the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado had been spray-painted green. The truck’s license plate and VIN number had been painted over – but officers were able to determine the correct numbers. The truck’s catalytic converter and the battery had been removed, the door’s inside panels were stripped, and a big number “3” was spray-painted on the side of the truck. There were also beer cans in the center console. A Farm King employee was familiar with the truck and told police he knew who actually owned the stolen truck and that it was being used in area demolition derbies. Another employee said a male subject brought the truck to Farm King on Monday, and employees actually tried to help him jump-start it. The truck was gone on Tuesday, but then back on Wednesday. Through their investigation, officers checked around at recent demolition derbies and a 19-year-old Cambridge man is wanted for questioning. The truck is commonly seen parked at a home outside of Knoxville. The suspect was attempting to sell the truck while at area demolition derbies. The investigation is ongoing.