Heather Acerra running for Galesburg City Council in Ward 5

Heather Acerra, a local businesswoman who co-founded building toy company Lux Blox, will run for Galesburg City Council in April.

Acerra made the announcement Wednesday, setting up a contest between her and Ward 5 incumbent Jaclyn Smith-Esters, although there is still time for other candidates to pick up signatures.

Acerra was also formerly at Knox College as the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Career Services.

Acerra is a GHS and Knox College graduate, whose family has lived in Galesburg since the late 1800s.

She also holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University.

Acerra has been a part of such local initiatives in the past as creating Quiet Zones in Galesburg and forming youth programs like the Young Marines Band and an art school from her home.

She says in her announcement that the city should implement a “baby step” approach to big projects, and how we invest in our community.

She cites an investment in a community center, saying, “before obligating our citizens to generations of debt and higher taxes to pay for something like a new community center, we should first connect with and hear from those individuals already working in the areas such a community center would serve.”

Municipal elections will be held April 4, 2023.

Acerra is the second challenger to announce their candidacy for the Galesburg City Council. Steve Cheesman announced recently he will run against Larry Cox in Ward 7.

WGIL has learned from Galesburg Election Commission Executive Director Lisa Watson that all four incumbents have picked up packets to run in April.

Candidates can pick up packets and file petitions between Dec. 12 and 19.

The four wards that are up in April 2023 are 1, 3, 5, 7; meaning Bradley Hix, Kevin Wallace, Smith-Esters and Cox will face re-election.