Knox College experiences ‘system disruption’ from ransomware; cybersecurity experts to assist

Knox College is currently responding to a system disruption caused by ransomware.

A statement provided Friday by Knox College Vice President of Communications and ITS Lisa Van Riper says, “We took prompt action to secure our network environment. Systems and operations have been shut down to protect data and information, and we have engaged leading independent cybersecurity and digital forensics experts to assist with our investigation and response. We are working actively and diligently with the assistance of our retained experts to fully restore operations.

“We take our commitment to our students, our staff, and the community very seriously. The restoration of full services and the protection of the data entrusted to us are our top priorities. Our review of the incident is ongoing, but if it is determined that any personal information was accessed during the incident, we will provide notification and assistance to all impacted individuals, consistent with relevant state and federal law.”

Knox started winter break just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and the majority of students will not return for the winter term until Jan. 3.