Galesburg man arrested for 4th DUI last Thursday; Peoria man charged with DUI after found asleep behind the wheel

On Thursday night last week, Galesburg Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with no headlights or taillights near Cross Street and South Academy Street. The 36-year-old male driver partially rolled down a passenger window for officers and police could immediately detect a cannabis odor coming from the vehicle. The man was unable to provide a driver’s license which was found to be revoked out of Illinois and suspended out of Florida. The man was informed he was under arrest for driving on a revoked license. Officers found an opened package of cannabis on the man and a drink chip from a local bar inside the car. The man was also emitting a strong alcoholic odor. Back at the public safety building, the man declined to conduct a field sobriety test. The man did, however, provide a breath sample of .156 BAC. With three prior DUI convictions, the man’s DUI charge was elevated to an Aggravated DUI. He was also charged with DUI A1, DUI A2, Driving on a Revoked License, and Unlawful Possession of Cannabis, and cited for no headlights or taillights.


Around 4:20 in the morning on Saturday, Galesburg Police observed a male driver slumped over behind the wheel of a running vehicle in the 1300 block of East North Street. Police woke the driver and he was identified as a 21-year-old Peoria man. The man was emitting a strong cannabis odor and admitted to smoking cannabis prior to getting behind the wheel. An open baggie of cannabis was in plain view in the sedan’s center console. The man declined to perform a field sobriety test but was willing to provide a blood sample. The man was transported to OSF St. Mary’s Medical Center for a blood draw He was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs A4. He was then taken to the Knox County Jail.