Galesburg woman charged after battering hospital security guard


A 49-year-old Galesburg woman was arrested Saturday night after assaulting staff at OSF St. Mary’s Medical Center. Galesburg police responded to the hospital Saturday around 10:20 pm for a disturbance. Officers met with a 35-year-old security guard who said he was battered by a woman who was trying to leave before being discharged. The woman charged at the security guard after being told to return to her room and she began yelling obscenities at the man. The woman then took a swing at the security guard who was able to block her from hitting his face. The woman then began to kick the man repeatedly. Police met with the woman who admitted to the attack saying she wanted to leave and he wouldn’t let her. The woman would later apologize for her actions. She was discharged, then placed under arrest and transported to the Knox County Jail. She was charged with Aggravated Battery.