Knox County property transfers for June 1-7, 2023. See a list of home and other sales

The Knox County Assessment Office submits the following Illinois real estate transfer declaration transactions recorded in Knox County the week of June 1-7, 2023. Only the primary name as listed on the submitted sales report is published. Additional owners’ names that would be on the full deed may not appear in this list.

  • 712 S. Main St.: $88,505; Rochelle Wertz to Harmony Hanlon.
  • 105 W. Monmouth St.: $30,000; Estate of William Delancey to Kyle Clark.
  • 206 Hooker St.: $3,250; Individual/Proprietor to Lamberto Pinedo Jr.


  • Farmland: $475,000; Knox Farm, LLC to Peter E. Main.


  • 254 Pine Ridge Ct: $5,000; Gilbert A. Lawrence to Chad Ball.
  • 429 Meadow View: $3,300; Joseph Jay & Sally C. Smith to Ronald Williams, III.
  • Westwood Lot 505: $2,500; Eric M. Goff to the Norman B. & Gail G. Hutchinson Living Trust.


  • 375 Hackberry Road: $210,595; Dorothy L. Weathers to Ludger P. Maciel & Martha J. Maciel as Co-Trustees of the Ludger P. Maciel & Martha J. Maciel Trust.
  • 1544 Bridge Ave.: $92,000; Estate of Leo M. Johns to FHP & D Properties, LLC.
  • 83 S. Farnham St.: $75,000; Roland Paulsgrove to Elva J. Naija.
  • 1652 N. Kellogg St.: $70,000; Estate of Alice E. Statham to Hershel W. Statham.
  • 1319 S. Chambers St.: $67,500; Estate of Helen Cecelia Rupert to Marisa B. Cline.
  • 66 Division St.: $55,000; Jori K. Podrasky to Jesse Christopher Vasquez.
  • 475 W. North St.: $50,900; Victoria Maxwell to Dehalva Properties LLC.
  • 795 Arnold St.: $50,000; Stella M. Drudle to Mitchell L. Drudle.
  • 1145 W. Losey St.: $37,000; Tisha Connour, N/K/A Harmon To FHP & D Properties, LLC.
  • S. Kellogg: $3,798; Joshua Tree Assocates, LLC to Norman Fisher.


  • 808 E. Main St.: $197,000; Nicolette Fox to Kelsey Ball.
  • 724 Pleasant Dr.: $185,000; Estate of Robert E. Bradley to Lewis C. Frazier.
  • 407 E. North St.: $38,000; Kelsey L. & Jeffrey H. Johnson to Debra J. Myers.


  • Farmland: $101,744; Raru, LLC to Craig & Megan Compton.


  • 315 Sunshine Dr.: $170,000; Joseph S. & Tuesday R. Pruiett to John & Tammy L. Godfrey.


  • Vacant Lot, Washington Street St.: $6,000; Estate of Stephen Fordyce to Autumn Pence.