Knox County State’s Attorney race only fields one candidate

Many races for Knox County offices in 2024 look like they will not be competitive after the deadline to file petitions closed on Monday.

Republican Ashley Worby is the only candidate who filed to run for State’s Attorney and Republican Mary Ostrander is the only candidate to file for Circuit Clerk.

Both are familiar with the offices. Worby was an Assistant State’s Attorney for four years before recently moving into the public defender’s office.

Current State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin has announced he won’t seek a second term.

Ostrander has worked in the Circuit Clerk’s office for decades, including as a Deputy under former Circuit Clerk Kelly Cheesman, and was appointed by the Knox County Board to succeed her.

Two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican each have filed to run for Coroner.

Doug Sampson, a former candidate for Knox County Sheriff has filed to run as a Democrat.

Previously having announced her candidacy, Jacque Dare will run for Coroner as a Republican.

Both hope to succeed Democrat Mark Thomas, who has decided not to run again after 19 years.

The Knox County Board looks to have competitive races.

In District 1 there’s one open seat with Republicans Tammy Weiss and Fred McGunnigal running along with Democrat Tracy Robertson.

District 2 can elect 2 members from a slate that includes Republicans Brent Zhorne and Jennifer Fredrick and Democrats Erin Pugh and David Amor.

District 3 has Kimberly Thierry trying to be re-elected with Republican Mark Varnold and Sam Larson looking to replace her.

District 4 has Republican Josh Kramer trying to get re-elected while Democrat Oscar Riley Jr. looks to challenge.

District 5 has two Republicans trying to get re-elected; Patty Boone and Rick Sandoval. Paul Steenis, a Democrat will try to take one of their seats.