Your Questions Answered: ‘Are Uber/Lyft available in Galesburg yet?’

Can you get a ride via from Uber or Lyft in Galesburg? You could … if there were any licensed drivers, according to the city officials.

An online reader of WGIL this week asked: “Can you confirm if Uber/Lyft are available yet?”

City Clerk Kelli Bennewitz said Galesburg has yet to receive any applications from individuals seeking a city-required Transportation Network Company license to operate in Galesburg.

Bennewitz said, “Once a person has their TNC license from Uber or Lyft they just need to bring that in to us so we have a copy, fill out our short application, and we can typically have a license for them within a day.

“We’re anxious to get one!”

Bennewitz noted anyone who drives, delivers or picks up patrons in Galesburg is required to have a TNC license from the city.

Alderman in April approved an amendment to the Galesburg Municipal Code regulating Transportation Network Companies and drivers. The amendment to the ordinance requires that a driver must secure a license from the city after they have received approval to drive for a TNC, and removes the requirement for a TNC such as Uber or Lyft to have a license with the City of Galesburg.

The ordinance also amends the fee from $1,500 for a TNC company to $100 for a TNC driver.

The amended ordinance went into effect April 11.

All drivers must be an approved TNC driver prior to the city issuing a license. State statute requires all TNC companies to do their due diligence for approving all drivers. That includes requiring proper insurance and background checks.

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