Tornadoes reported Thursday in McDonough County

(National Weather Service)

Thursday night’s severe weather could have caused some problems in the nearby areas.

Storm reports submitted to the National Weather Service indicate two tornado touchdowns in McDonough County – one was seen in a field between Bushnell and Bardolph, and the other was in a field near the Macomb Municipal Airport.

Neither caused damage, so forecasters called them EF-U (Unknown) storms.

At least one power pole was knocked over in McDonough County from storm winds as well.

Closer to home, heavy rain. About 1.2 inches was reported by a storm spotter near Wataga.

More serious storm damage was reported in places like Tazewell, Woodford, McLean, and Champaign Counties, but not here.

The forecast for the extended period has almost no rain chances, but plenty of heat.