Orpheum Theatre goes on a ‘FUN-raising’ campaign

Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre is hosting shows that its executive director says are designed to help bring in even bigger shows.

Starting with Central Illinois Dueling Pianos later this month, the Orpheum is embarking on what it calls a “FUN-raiser”. You buy tickets, but instead of at a specific price, you pay what they’re instead calling a “minimum donation.”

“That money is going to go toward the future bookings, so that I can secure these larger acts,” said Andrew Driscoll, who is only completing his first month on the job as Executive Director.  “The other component is sponsorship” from local businesses.

The funds raised will go toward paying what the acts want ahead of time before they even consider walking in the door and playing a note.

Driscoll tells Galesburg’s Morning News on WGIL  he’s referring to people he’s met in just one month on the job who say they love the Orpheum and think it’s vital to the community, but can’t immediately tell you when it was they were last there.

He says that needs to change.

“The way that we change it is bringing in shows, bringing in programming, that is going to suit their specific interest,” said Driscoll.  “I think maybe we lost some of them because we weren’t booking shows for them.  But, that’s okay.  That’s what we’re going to do moving forward.”

An example of a “FUN-raiser” is “Central Illinois Dueling Pianos,” scheduled for July 20th.