Congratulations Jim Lee!

  Congratulations to Jim Lee who is celebrating his 20th anniversary here at WGIL! The audio is from numerous people sending their congratulations.

Interview: Kit Wilcox & CC Wilcox

MUD is back! Yes, that tasty appetizer we used to love is now available at local grocery stores. Kit Wilcox provided us with the delicious appetizer, MUD, when he brought us Cherry Street Brewing Company. Kit, and

Interview: Glenn Hendricks

Glenn Hendricks is an Oneida native who currently lives in Boston. Glenn graduated from R.O.V.A. High school. He spent several years in New York City before relocating to Boston a little more that a year ago. Glen

Interview: author Susan Van Kirk

Local author Susan Van Kirk has a new book out and is out promoting and doing a signing tour. Susan Van Kirk is a Galesburg native and a Knox College graduate. She was a high school English teacher